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What We Have in Stock


Honeywell Blutag360

This Data Logger is the first choice of all major pharma companies in India when it comes to temperature monitoring needs both inside the plant and in Export of Pharma goods.

RTD, Thermocouples and Heaters

We have our own manufacturing of RTDs, Thermocouples and Industrial Heaters and can customize the product as per the client's requirement.

Control Panels

We Build all sorts of control panels designed according to specific requirement of process control.

Project Based Solutions

A Reliable Option

PLC Automation

Are you looking for a reliable automation solution provider? We have successfully delivered many automation related projects and we deeply understand the need of our customers to customize the project to meet their demands.


Artificial Intelligence

We specialize in leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence through CCTV cameras.  We have a solution where our AI takes control of the existing CCTV cameras of the site and give meaningful alerts, can trigger alarms for security and can also help in QA checks and increasing productivity of a manufacturing site.

Process Control

All industries require specific process in a controlled environment to get desired result. This is not possible without the latest sensors and process control instruments to ensure a stable and quality production. We have our expertise in this sector to support any industry in their process control requirements.


Sensors and Equipments

Available Immediately

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Automation Spares

We deal in all automation spares from Relays to Switches and Push Buttons.

Industrial Heaters

We manufacture industrial heaters and can customize the product as per customer requirement.


We deal in different types of industrial sensors manufactured by reliable brands.

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